Billings Leather Jacket | Outlier Collection

We're thrilled to unveil our latest offering, the Billings Leather Jacket, the second release under our Outlier Collection. Crafted with precision and inspired by the most iconic leather jacket of all time, the Billings is a testament to our commitment to creating modern classics that seamlessly blend history, tradition, and style.

The Billings Jacket is more than just a piece of clothing; it's a journey through time, a fusion of timeless design and contemporary functionality. Inspired by the most iconic leather jackets in history, We meticulously crafted the Billings to be a modern classic, embodying the spirit of rebellion and individuality.

The Billings Jacket is the second gem in our Outlier Collection, a line that pushes boundaries and defies expectations. We believe in creating pieces that not only elevate your style but also tell a story. The Outlier Collection is a celebration of those who dare to be different, who embrace the extraordinary.


COMING DEC 7th 3pm EST. Limited to 50 pieces